Our Story

C.I.M.S.T (Central Institute of Medical Science & Technology) is Imparting in Paramedical Courses Since 1995 and is affiliated to B.S.S. (BHARAT SEVAK SAMAJ) National Development Agency, Promoted by Government of India. Approval Code: WB/20662.

In his connection we like to state shortage of paramedics in a global problem. To reduce the gap between demand & supply of paramedics Prof Dr. U. N. Bera Founder of this institution submitted proposals to B.S.S. Introduce different paramedical courses after considering his proposal from B.S.S. and also introduced different paramedic diploma courses from 2013-2014 academic session. This institution is now paramedical diploma college.

Another point which we want to mention here is that our Institution controlled by CCHS (Central Calcutta Health Society) is voluntary organization and CCHS registered under planning Commission, govt. of WBSR Act. S/IL/46466

Gunadhar Memorial Educational Trust indicates the sunny healthy science Trust along with Central Calcutta health society.

The chairman, Dr. U. N. Bera, and he is also principal of Central Institute of Medical Science & Technology since 1995. He actively controls and maintains all sites. Such as in hospital clinical classes, in college practical classes, the total students, teachers and staff are being controlled by him for long 25 years.

Our institution stands on the 25th year’s column of the health oriented educations. The professional (Medical, Paramedical & Nursing) courses in the nations, all are recognized by BSS with council and Universities, Govt. of India. Aims in our life are to be qualified to nations about health and hygienic knowledge Better treatment and proper care from our educations and guidance will indicate to deal the prolonged lifespan of human being in the country. For it, want the people’s hard works and genuine discipline with beautification. As a result, the success will come in the student’s life after the completion of medical & paramedical courses from our institution. Providing the proper careness of nation is aim and Moto of our Institution. In this sight page the learners will get their noble formula, by which they will be benefitted in both sides (economical & knowledge state) simultaneously.

The medical science is vast subject in the world. So many substances of this science in human life are not explained scientifically. The scientists are unable to indicate about the abnormal phenomenon of human beings with or without the help of modern digital computerized diagnostics equipments in the world. This is the news of sorrowness in the society to human beings. Here we learn the students to be active about the dreadful diseases in the society.